TV, Film & Commercials –  Currently Available

I have been in TV shows, films and commercials over the years.

I’ve done quite a few commercials and some full length films. Check out the photos with the crew and some stars you might recognize. Also, I was lucky enough to work with David Winters before his passing. Preparing for what was going to be his next film, Escape from the Darkside. A story about the Cambodian pol pot story. Sad we never completed it. Many Photos of the 43rd anniversary party Backstage at Alice Coopers Welcome to my Nightmare reunion. As well as Some friends along the way.

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by Cassius Corrigan

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Bottle Girls – Film

The Beach Bum – Film
Starring/ Matthew McConaughey

Dance On It – Film

HURACÁN by Cassius Corrigan
36th Miami Film Festival

Mi Familia Perfecta
Telemundo, TV

Betty Neuvo York
Telemundo, TV